Ident Micro 1.5 Kit Computer

The easy build 'all in one' kit computer casing system for Raspberry Pi® returns!

Following the sucsess of our Micro One range of retro system case kits for Raspberry Pi®, We are pleases to announce the return of the our classic and exclusive kit system.

After listening to our customer feedback and working with audiences of the Wi-Fi Sheep Youtube channel, We've created a super low-cost and revised version of our Micro One kit known as the Ident Micro 1.5

All NEW Ident Micro 1.5!

The kit now consists of a downloadable PDF file with build instructions and print out paper plans for the parts.

Using simple and easy obtainable building materials*, such as 5mm foam board, 1.5mm card mount board and regular hot melt glue, anyone can now build as many Micro 1.5 computer cases as they require!
Thanks to our partnership with Wi-Fi sheep we can offer Micro 1.5 for just $12 USD in the form of a Patreon subscription.

This key will allow the unlocking of the PDF download plans. The file is available from this website!

The new Micro 1.5 is super easy to build and use! It would make a fantastic low-cost project for School, College or Home Hobbyist!

Proceeds from the project assist in the running costs of Wi-Fi Sheeps social media channels.

* Plans Only all parts and metrials NOT Supplied and must be sourced independently.

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